Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Gift and the Curse...

In life, our intentions, credentials, and even abilities will be continuously tested.  In my opinion, the occurrence of such actions or behavior is never the problem, the manner in which one responds to such events are the true display of character and motive.  I started this blog with the intentions of sharing my experiences (positive and negative) and obstacles related to being a woman and being diagnosed with Crohn's disease.   In my experiences, living with such an autoimmune disease can be debilitating, frustrating, painful, emotional, and even lonely at times.  This myriad of sensitivity is not only the weight of the individual diagnosed with such a condition, it is shared by the friends, family, co-workers, etc. whose lives are intertwined with the diagnosed individuals.  As with any illness or condition, one's life and daily actitivities can only be suppressed to the extent that they allow, and I believe whole heartedly that the degree of suppression is determined by the amount of understandable information, as well as support made available to the public in a form that is easily digested.  In my case, I have experience in living with Crohn's disease, and I have created a platform of which to share my experiences = "The Gift".  In hopes, that someone, somewhere in need of information or support for Crohn's disease will have the opportunity to stumble upon my blog...just so they know that they are NEVER alone.

However, in sharing my experiences I purposefully place myself on a public platform because of the 1% chance that I may be able to help someone.  As we all know, public platforms can be damaging to one's character and name similar to bullies or like stepping out on a limb at a teenage slumber party admitting to stuffing your bra...LOL!  Whichever the case, my name and experiences are linked on a public platform for my audience to proceed as they wish = "The Curse".  So, as I began this blog I asked myself a number of questions...
  • will people think I'm weird,
  • how will this affect my career,
  • how will this affect my life and relationships, and
  • how do I really feel about placing myself on display for the sake of helping others that I don't even know?
Annndddd, as you can see...this blog is up and running...which brings me back to character and motive.  This blog is one of my contributions to the health care of others.  This is my attempt at bringing you into my world, and allowing everyone the opportunity to see what it's like to have an autoimmune disease and to be a woman.  I pray that the majority of my audience utilizes this blog in a positive manner.  The facts still remain that I am a Woman that has been diagnosed with Crohn's disease.  Notice, it does not read "I am Crohn's disease that has been diagnosed with Woman".  My point is, being diagnosed with Crohn's disease or any other condition does not EVER define one's capabilities, credentials, or enable any form of discrimination.  In addition, one should NEVER feel obligated to "water-down" the many elements (illnesses, experiences, etc.) that creates uniqueness and individuality.  Nor should anyone have to succumb to "closed-lip-syndrome" with regards to their diagnosed illnesses in order to reinforce or confirm their abilities to carry out responsibilities clearly incorporated in accredited credentials.   

Just to be clear, if this blog has the smallest probability of helping one is worth any amount of negativity that placing my experiences on a public platform could provoke.  I hope this blog inspires everyone to share their experiences in saving and enriching lives despite the never ending attempts of a select few to discredit and/or dictate character, motives, and credentials.  My husband always tells me..."You succeed and surpass many, the more you become comfortable with your condition, and begin to own it".  So, as an extension of my husband...I matter what your situation may be "own it", because it's yours...besides it wouldn't look as good if owned by someone else ;)

Thank you, to everyone for continuing to read and support my are greatly appreciated and NEVER alone!!